Inlays And Onlays in El Cajon

Inlays have commonly been used in place of fillings to replace a small part of a tooth that has been lost due to tooth decay. As the name suggests, inlays fit inside the tooth. Traditionally, inlays were only made of gold.

In modern dentistry, inlays are still used in the same situations to replace decayed parts, but other materials are also used. Inlays can be made of a tooth-colored material such as porcelain.

Dental onlays, on the other hand, also fit inside the tooth, but extend onto the chewing surface of a back tooth to replace one or more cusps.

Just like inlays, onlays were also historically only made of gold but patients can now request for ceramic/porcelain tooth-colored onlay.

Candidates for Inlays and Onlays

Candidates for inlays and onlays are patients who have too much damage for a traditional dental filling, but not enough damage to warrant the need for a crown.  To be eligible for an inlay or onlay, you must have sufficient remaining tooth structure to support the restoration.

Patients who have had this type of restoration need to practice a healthy oral hygiene routine. 

For long-lasting results, it is important to brush at least twice a day, floss once a day, and attend all regular dental visits.

It may be difficult for a patient to know if an inlay or onlay is the right fit for their needs. That's why at Jamacha Dental, we study each case and advise accordingly. Call us for an appointment at 619-401-3214.