Meet The Doctors


Meet our Dentists, Dr. Mina Abdullah & Dr. Maamon Alkaseer



Dr. Mina Abdullah, DDS

Mina Abdullah has practiced the art and science of dentistry for 14 years.  Wherever she practices is a place where clients are greeted by name as they enter the front door.  Since 2005, Mina's goal was always and still is being in the forefront of modern Cosmetic Dentistry treatment techniques and the continued building and maintaining of warm relationships with her clients.

Clients make the right choice when they choose Mina Abdullah. It is her continued knowledge of the best ways to practice dentistry that deliver the type of treatment and results that have made her services sought  year after year. Dr. Abdullah specializes and is professionally recognized in aesthetic dentistry. 

Mina  helps make dreams come true, and her services allow people to dream what can actually come true.  Treatments and plans are tailored to each client with the wants and desires of each client uniquely pursued by her. Putting a smile back into someone’s life is what keeps Dr. Abdullah's team work sharp and focused. Mina Abdullah and her clients are surrounded by a team of  professional’s who enjoy their careers and their lives.

Dr. Abdullah is an alumnus of the prestigious New York University/School of Dentistry class of 2014. Also, Dr. Abdullah Has a BDS degree form Baghdad University/College Dentistry class of 2005.She completed her residency training overseas in Iraq 2007 ,She also finished her Aesthetic residency in 2016 from Esthetic professionals in Los Angeles California .


Dr. Maamon Alkaseer DDS

Dr. Alkaseer been practicing  dentistry for the last 18 years ,during those years he treated his patients like family members making sure they feel extra comfortable during their procedures, his philosophy is to have a relaxing pain free dentistry making sure to ease the appointment on his patients .

Dr. Alkaseer graduated from Loma Linda University school of dentistry in 2014 with teaching assisting award, he also graduated with a BDS degree in Dentistry from Baghdad University school of dentistry in 2001, since then he acquired great knowledge ,skills and expertise providing excellent range of neat dental work , his passion with oral surgeries made him an exceptional dentist in removing wisdom teeth and doing advanced procedures .

Dr. Al enjoys reading and studying with a big passion of teaching and sharing his knowledge with fresh dental graduates .

Dr. Alkaseer and Dr. Abdullah maintain many professional affiliations and memberships including:


  • American Dental Association

  • California Dental Association

  • San Diego County Dental Society



Dr. Abdullah and her husband Dr. Alkaseer, enjoy time raising their two daughters. Dr Al and Dr Abdullah are  avid cook and enjoy exploring the world as well.  Their passions are not only making smiles better but lives different. They believe in starting with young kids (age 6 months ) making sure they take care of their mouth to build a healthy teeth for those kids.


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