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Dentistry is about more than just the treatments a dentist provides; it is also about the positive experiences patients have when visiting a practice that values their comfort. Dr. Abdullah , Dr .Alkaseer and our staff understand the importance of positive patient experiences. As such, Jamacha Dental uses set strategies to provide quality dental care in El Cajon and the surrounding San Diego communities. Schedule an appointment today to see how this approach to care can help you stay healthy

High-Tech Dental Care | Cosmetic Dentist in El Cajon

Dentistry improves with each new technique and technology that is developed. Dr.Abdullah and Dr. Alkaseer implement the advancements that help his patients maintain their oral health.

Our office features paperless charting, computer-guided surgery, soft tissue dental lasers, digital radiography and CBCT. Keeping digital records makes it easier to share them with any specialist our patients may have to see. Additionally, the digital x-rays we capture drastically reduce exposure to radiation. Our doctors perform procedures with greater accuracy with computer-guided surgery, and using soft tissue lasers encourages better postoperative healing after periodontal treatment.

Relaxing, Quiet Atmosphere

The atmosphere at our El Cajon practice is designed to help you feel safe and comfortable.  During your visit, our quiet, gentle staff foster a calm environment in both the waiting room and operatory. We are very friendly and pay attention to the various needs that each patient may have, addressing them as promptly as possible.

We understand that not everyone is able to relax in a dental environment, regardless of atmosphere. For patients with dental anxieties, Jamacha Dental offers Nitrous Oxide Gas to make sure all patients can get the effective dental treatments they need.

Extensive Dental Experience

Having extensive experience is one of the most reliable ways a dentist can promote relaxing visits for his patients.  As a dental professional becomes more knowledgeable over the course of their career, they can conduct each procedure with the level of care necessary to maximize patient comfort. Our doctors have been practicing dentistry for over ten years. They can provide care in such a way that enables each patient to be comfortable during treatment.

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Jamacha Dental provides family dentistry in El Cajon. Our practice helps patients throughout San Diego get the help they need in a comfortable, advanced, and professional manner. For more information about our multifaceted approach to dental care, call our practice and schedule an appointment today!

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